(translation: “Playing Life”)
Participatory project / installation, 2020-21
@ zeitraumexit Mannheim

The well-known board game “The Game of Life” is based on very specific ideas about career and consumption, focusing on education, career, earning money, consumption, marriage, and children. Other facets of life are pretty much ignored. The stereotypical life goals correspond to conventional role models.

Das LEBEN SPIELEN (Playing Life) is a new game, a game created by a form of playful research, as well as a conversation about living together in our society, about our values, desires and goals, about forks in the road, and about important decisions.

This new “edition” of the game was created based on the ideas, wishes, and visions of the neighbors who played along.

The newly designed game is simultaneously a medium for conversation and an occasion for exchange. It exists as an art installation. It’s a space to just hang out, but it’s also a large-scale game board with scooters and ramps, with a wheel of fortune and play money.